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Andrea True Joy Fox: 2020 Life Lessons and Celebrating Season 1 Guests

January 12, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 1 Episode 23
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Andrea True Joy Fox: 2020 Life Lessons and Celebrating Season 1 Guests
Show Notes

In this episode, Andrea reflects on all her incredible guests from Season 1 and shares what she has learned from them. Tune in to hear some valuable life lessons that will help you start off your new year with a wealth of knowledge, a positive mindset and a new excitement for 2021! 

Featuring the teachings of:
- Joy SpearChief-Morris, Champion Athlete, Woman in Leadership
- Rilee Manybears, World Indigenous Games Gold Medalist, Wellness Champion
- Jacqueline Ahcahkoskwew, Teacher, Woman in Leadership
- Ryan Fahey, Author, "Your Best Decade", Wellness Educator
- Angelica Chrysler, Entrepreneur, Hair & Makeup Artist
- Francine Cunningham, Author, "On/Me", Artist
- Brandi Morin, Award-winning Journalist, Woman's Advocate
- Aspen Matis, Author, "Your Blue is Not My Blue" & "Girl in the Woods"
- Verna Volker, Native Women Running Founder, Teacher, Wellness Champion
- Corey Gray, Gravitational Wave Scientist
- Brooks Arcand-Paul, VP Indigenous Bar Association, Lawyer
- Julia Rose Sutherland, Artist, Social Justice Advocate
- Macyn Morning Bull, Champion Basketball Player, Youth Leader
- Mya Beaudry, Entrepreneur, Owner-Kokom Scrunchies, Youth Leader
- Desiree Morrisseau-Keesick, Owner-Makeupbydcmk, Woman in Leadership
- Lynne-Marie Angus, Sisters Sage Owner, Wellness Business Owner
- Sunshine Tenasco, Pow wow Pitch CEO, HerBraids, Author, "Nibi's Water Song"

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