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Love Series: Guy & Stephen

February 16, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 2 Episode 3
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Love Series: Guy & Stephen
Show Notes

In this episode we welcome Guy and Stephen, who we are excited to feature in our Love Series.

Guy Robert Morin is of Cree descent and a member of the Enoch Cree Nation, west of Edmonton, Alberta. Guy is a graduate of the University of Alberta where he earned his Bachelor of Education degree. He went on to earn his Masters in Education from Gonzaga University in Washington State. Guy has worked in Education for almost 24 years, first as a teacher, a Vice Principal, a Principal, and just recently as an Education Director.

Stephen Haney grew up on the east coast, in Saint John New Brunswick. Currently he works for Alberta Health Services at the COVID Assessment Centre.  He has aspirations to get a job in a hospital as a Unit Clerk, as that is what he studied for in school.

Guy and Stephen's story started at a mutual friend's Barbecue in Calgary, followed by many memorable experiences they have shared throughout their marriage. They have been together for 17 years and married for 13. Tune in to hear Guy and Stephen's colourful love story, a lot of laughter, and many sentimental moments!

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