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Love Series: India & Will

February 23, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 2 Episode 4
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Love Series: India & Will
Show Notes

This episode introduces us to the love birds behind Diary of Two Teachers, India and William Garcia-Morel. They take us through their journey as best friends and share their wisdom in parenting, as well as  the everyday stuff that makes their union beautiful and unique. 

India has been a K-6 public school teacher for the past 10 years, and Will is in his 4th year teaching high school English. They are a blended family of 6, with two girls and two boys. India is a Lumbee from Lumberton, NC and Will is Puerto Rican/Honduran from the New Orleans Metropolitan area. Serendipity brought India and Will together, and their dedication and devotion to each other and God keeps their relationship strong.

Tune in and sit back as India and Will's colourful personalities and love for each other shines through, inspiring those who are enjoying the single journey and those who are navigating life with their partner. 

To follow India and Will's exciting journey as teachers, parents, husband and wife, follow their page on Instagram:

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