Talks With A Fox Podcast

Author Series: Elaine Alec - Part 1

March 16, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 2 Episode 6
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Author Series: Elaine Alec - Part 1
Show Notes

In this episode we hear from Elaine Alec who is the first author to be featured in our Author Series. Read on to learn about Elaine’s background and tune in to listen to her powerful story. I am incredibly honoured to have this conversation with Elaine Alec - a strong, courageous and beautiful spirit!  

Elaine Alec is from the Syilx (Okanagan) Nation and Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation and is a member of the Penticton Indian Band in the Interior of British Columbia. She has been a political advisor, Chief of Staff for the British Columbia Assembly of First Nations, Community Planner for her own First Nation, a public servant with the Province of British Columbia and an employee with the Community Initiatives Unit for Indigenous Services Canada in the BC Region.

Elaine has spent over 20 years in over 100 communities across Canada to promote healing and wellness. She is a partner of an Indigenous owned and operated planning company called Alderhill Planning Inc. who are recognized as leading experts in Indigenous community planning.

Most recently Elaine led the Path Forward Women & Girls Safety Community Sessions which brought individuals together to talk about a path forward to create a plan with tangible action items and solutions for individuals, families and communities. This work was initiated as a response to the MMIWG National Inquiry’s Calls for Justice. Elaine is a first-time author of “Calling My Spirit Back” which discusses tangible steps on how to cultivate safe spaces for diversity and inclusion. This book is welcome and much needed contribution to that dialogue, not only in its vivid details but in its approach to healing.

To learn more about Elaine Alec’s journey and her book, "Calling My Spirit Back”, visit: 

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