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Author Series: Gordon A. Fox

April 13, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 2 Episode 8
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Author Series: Gordon A. Fox
Show Notes

For the second episode in the Author Series, Andrea gets to have a conversation with her dad, Gordon! In this episode you will get to hear some of Gordon's stories as he shares many memorable moments from his journey.
Gordon A. Fox is a proud member of the Blood Tribe,  where he has resided for most of his life. He is an Elder, husband, father, grandfather, Indigenous Children’s advocate, and writer. His Blackfoot name is Iipisowaahsa (Morning Star). Gordon enjoys reading and writing fictional stories about First Nations people and their traditional and contemporary lives. In his writings he brings to life colourful and picturesque characters who remind the reader of someone they know or even reminiscent of themselves. Gordon has written a monumental novel "Arvus in Excelsus", as well as a children's story, and a collection of short stories. He is currently working on a murder mystery novel set to be published in 2021.

Gordon has spent over 35 years working in the field of Social Work as an advocate for Indigenous children, where his leadership has provided opportunities for the next generation of social workers to learn about providing culturally appropriate supports for Indigenous children and families. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University where he completed his Master of Counselling. Writing has been a part of Gordon's healing journey and is part of his wellness practice. 

Gordon enjoys spending time with his wife, his children and grandchildren, as well as being in nature and dreaming up his next story to write.

To order a copy of Gordon's book, "Arvus in Excelsus”, visit:

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