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Wellness Series: Paula Naponse

June 23, 2021 Andrea True Joy Fox Season 2 Episode 15
Talks With A Fox Podcast
Wellness Series: Paula Naponse
Show Notes

Join me in conversation for the first episode in the Wellness Series with Paula Naponse, an Anishinaabe kwe from Aitkameksheng Anishinaabek in Ontario. Paula is a designer, educator and entrepreneur. All the work that Paula does is based on the belief that Indigenous people have cultural knowledge that can drive communities ahead if we embrace who we are. We have languages, systems, teachings that can be used to create our own education systems, economic development initiatives and improve our emotional and spiritual health. 

Paula was blessed with a life with a husband who was able to help her see that there is so much more to life. He was lost to this physical world in an auto accident three years ago. Living in grief, Paula knows that there is still so much more work to do to carry on his legacy, work and spirit. Paula is blessed to be a single parent with four children who inspire her every day and who are also teachers of life and love.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education. Paula also has a clothing/accessories business called Ondarez Clothing and Goods which is line of lifestyle wear to showcase the positive life on a First Nation. 

Paula is presently living in an urban environment but her heart is in Atikameksheng and is presently working with the urban Indigenous community to build an Indigenous School for elementary aged children.

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